Well, I do believe that is called a backlash…

I have had such an amazing response from my post yesterday about why I have decided to quit Facebook. So many people have emailed me and DMed me on Twitter voicing their support and similar concerns. It has got me thinking a LOT about why I decided to end it. It seemed like a bit […]

Why I deactivated my Facebook Account (and will probably delete it).

It’s hard to imagine a world without hyper-connectivity. It started with mobile phones, extended into social media and at the moment, the biggest trend is telling people where you are, what you are doing AT THIS VERY SECOND AND HERE’S A MAP OF THE RESTAURANT I AM EATING AT. I attended a Conference where people […]

On Good v Evil

I have never understood the reasoning behind the notion that God is responsible for all things good… and then when something fucked up happens, it is Satan’s work. It all sounds a bit convenient to me… you know, like Satan is the one with the thankless job, dealing with all the day-to-day drama of deciding […]