Why I deactivated my Facebook Account (and will probably delete it).

It’s hard to imagine a world without hyper-connectivity. It started with mobile phones, extended into social media and at the moment, the biggest trend is telling people where you are, what you are doing AT THIS VERY SECOND AND HERE’S A MAP OF THE RESTAURANT I AM EATING AT. I attended a Conference where people […]

5 more things I wish I knew about the web design business

In my previous post, I mentioned that my list of 5 things had blown out to 10 things I wish I knew about the web design business. Well, here they are: 5. Don’t take criticism personally All of the business advice and freelance blogs will talk about the idea of “you” being the Point of […]

Some more quality Mina pwnage, just for you, Rob…

Jason: “How come Mina gets so many parties? She’s had more than I have in my whole life.” Téa: “heh, I dunno… last year didn’t really count as a party… but you can have one this year if you want one.” Jason: “Yeah, I WILL. I am going to invite ALL my friends to my […]