Why I hate people who wear the flag.

I love my country. I also hate the people in it sometimes, mostly because I watch them bastardise and manipulate our traditional ideals of a fair go… and turn it into individualism, hatred and fear. I loathe those “Fuck off, we’re full” (aimed at Asian & Middle Eastern Migrants, and predominantly adorrned on the cars […]

In the name of MY children.

I have a rule that if a Facebook status or Tweet is too long, it should go on the blog, so here goes: You know, I wish that politicians would stop using MY children, and their so-called protection, as an excuse for pandering to the religious right. You know what? My kids surf Youtube. Unsupervised. […]

The pondering of the online persona…

I have been thinking a lot about the whole “social media” thing, the whole blog thing, the whole “OMG she swears” thing of late and I still don’t have an answer. I have been using Twitter and Facebook for a long-ish time, and I am conflicted. I run a comedy blog where I talk about […]

Bye Bye IE6, It’s (not) been fun.

Internet Explorer is the bain of any web designer’s existence. It has been twice superceded, it displays CSS poorly, and more often than not, many modern scripts just don’t work on it. LinkArtist Multimedia, like other companies (including Apple & Google) are going to be proactive in killing it off. As of June 30, we […]

Troubling times ahead…

I have been watching the global economic crisis unfold both here and in the world market, and I must say, the events of the past 2 weeks are really not a big surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Today, the Rudd government announced more injections into the economy, to try and boost consumer […]

“regain your femininity … after the race”

I have been watching the Olympic coverage in dribs and drabs (mostly because Channel 7’s coverage is, well, SHIT), but I have been reading fair amounts of news coverage of the events. Anyway, this incredibly sexist article caught my eye, and I thought to myself “Jesus Christ, what a pig”, and left it at that, […]

She’s not her mother’s daughter at all…

There are times when I wonder if my children take after me, and even times when they really appear to be from another gene pool altogether. But this video really does dispell any doubts about whether Mina is at all like me. The answer is a resounding yes. This may shock you to read (actually, […]

That obligatory Blog Action Day post…

I committed to posting for Blog Action Day, so here goes! I actually had quite a hard time thinking about something to write. So instead I will write a few paragraphs on a couple of things. Observation 1. The Greens. As many of my long time readers will know, I have spent a good part […]

If the Devil is 6… Happy Birthday Mina!

After I dropped you off at school today, I sat down with my giant coffee to write this post and I started to tear up every time I tried to think of what to write. You see, part of me wants to pour my heart out and gush about my girl, and part of me […]

Child development through Elephant jokes.

Mina, age 3: Q: Why did the elephant sit on the fence? A: Because he wanted to get a new fence. Mina, age 6: Q: Why did the elephant sit on the fence? A: Because his neighbour was next to the fence and he wanted to kill him. Hehehe

A nice little summary.

I have often referred to the concept of fat acceptance, and have been an advocate for health at any size for some time. For those who have always challenged me, I have found a nice little PDF that sums it all up pretty well. Its nothing particularly controversial, just summarising a whole year’s worth of […]

That Tooth Fairy may glow, but boy is she dim.

Mina lost her second tooth yesterday, and we prepared it excitedly for a visit from the tooth fairy. Well, guess who forgot to go exchange the tooth with some coin. Yes. Me. The Third Worst Mother on the Internet. I woke up to hear Mina crying, saying “the tooth fairy didn’t come!!!”. Well, didn’t I […]

All the newfangled stuff…

Mina has pretty much unlimited access to the internet, where she plays on things like ABC Kids, Disney and EverythingGirl.com. I was walking by her on the computer and she said” “Mum, I am great at the DOT COMS” heh.

Gee, you reckon?

Next up: Hitting your head with a hammer causes a sore head. Read the article here Extract: CHICAGO — Magazine headlines entice teenage girls with promises: “Get the body you want” and “Hit your dream weight now!” But a new study suggests reading articles about diet and weight loss could have unhealthy consequences later. Teenage girls who […]

Yet another sign I am a grownup…

I have started to think that it is time to actually decorate my house. Over the years, we have acquired various things and it has been kinda eclectic. I guess its the earmark of the younger couple — A new bed here, a big screen TV, cabinets from IKEA that sit either side of said TV, the […]

Further proof that I am a terrible mother…

Mina is finishing up daycare and starting Pre Primary, and they have provided us with a nice little “Report” on their development etc, but without the assessment or comparison of school. It was so nice to recieve Mina’s report, because really, when its in there in black and white that she is a well adjusted, […]

Cheek bordering on insight.

Jules has been crabby the last few days. He’s been extra clingy and crying and wanting to sleep a lot. This morning was about the third day of this, and I was trying to get Mina ready for school but Jules was being testy. I asked him what was wrong and mumbled to myself about […]

Happy Sweet 16, Internet.

The Internet turned 16 yesterday. I thought this was kind of appropriate. When I think about “the internet”, I can certainly liken it to a 16 year old: It is often a place of mystery and bemusement for older generations; it tends to attract predators, bullies and weirdoes who just want to look at teenage […]

Or, the morgue, or hell, or the worms eat you…

Driving Mina to school this morning, she asked me about the trees. I said I didn’t know what type they were, but she proclaimed that they must be “African Trees”. She then asked me how “African Trees” got to Australia. Seizing an opportunity to teach Mina about diversity, I explained how lots of different people […]

I blinked… and I missed it. Happy Birthday to my little man.

Well, today is the 7th of November, Jules and you know what that means. Well, no, actually, you really have no idea. It is now one whole year since my wonderful little man was born, and brought so much joy to our lives that I honestly cannot find the words to describe it. I always […]

She’s all tolerant and that.

Me: “Bloody Juice” Mina: “What’s wrong, Mum?” Me: “I can’t get the juice open. Sometimes when Mum works too much on the computer, her hands get twisted and its hard to open bottles and stuff.” Mina: “ Oh. Well. That’s OK Mum, I love you anyway.”

The Feminist.

Jules had a bit of a cough yesterday. He was playing as normal on the floor, and Mina was carrying her toy handbag. All of a sudden: “Mum, I’d better take Jules’ temperature to see if he is ok!” She opens her handbag, which busts open with all sorts of items, including a toy thermometer. […]

Kickin’ It, Old School…

This site allows you to generate your own “cassette” — (I think I vaguely remember those…) Here’s one I made by Mina (Miss Da Mina) and Jules (DJ Droolz) hmmm…more fun…

Bogan Grief Week 2006.

I have been reluctant to post about the death of Steve Irwin and the circus that followed, partially because I am lazy, partially because I had to process the whole debacle, and mostly because I was off commenting in my sanctuary, The Spin Starts Here. I was really sad to read about Steve Irwin being […]

Ben Folds with WASO, Sunday 27 August 2006

How do you summon up the courage to give one of your favourite recording artists a bad review? It has taken me 2 weeks to gather my thoughts enough to write this review, because frankly, out of the many times I have seen and heard Ben Folds live, this was by far the worst. That […]

The day the world changed forever… for me.

September 11th, 2001, is a significant day. And its 5th anniversary is about to happen. For most people it is a day they will never forget, and for a good reason. That image of the towers coming down were horrific and will forever be in the minds of those who witnessed it. But September 11th, […]

Business as usual? Hardly.

Hi all I know I said I was abandoning this blog, but I figured that it was easier to post here because this is where people are reading. Yes, I am home. No, I am not better and no, it is not business as usual. I am still in a lot of pain and still […]

Wednesday 9th August

Tealou arrived back at her home at 10.30 Tuesday. She still has a lot of recovery to go but it is good to have her back where she belongs, with her family. I’m sure she will be back to her old self real soon.

Thursday 3rd August

Not quite there yet. Tealou is still has two IV’s going and is unable to eat anything. Tealou is understandably very frustrated and is longing to leave the hospital as soon as possible. That is hopefully going to be around Tuesday next week. Unfortunately that means that she will miss seeing Ben Elton live on […]

Almost home

Just playing a waiting game. The IV will most likely be out on Wednesday and I will be weaneed to normality and discharged by the end of the week. I wont be posting here anymore, as I will be writing a detailed post back on tealou.com when I get home. Thanks SO much everyone and […]