Bye Bye IE6, It’s (not) been fun.

Internet Explorer is the bain of any web designer’s existence. It has been twice superceded, it displays CSS poorly, and more often than not, many modern scripts just don’t work on it. LinkArtist Multimedia, like other companies (including Apple & Google) are going to be proactive in killing it off. As of June 30, we […]

All the newfangled stuff…

Mina has pretty much unlimited access to the internet, where she plays on things like ABC Kids, Disney and I was walking by her on the computer and she said” “Mum, I am great at the DOT COMS” heh.

Happy Sweet 16, Internet.

The Internet turned 16 yesterday. I thought this was kind of appropriate. When I think about “the internet”, I can certainly liken it to a 16 year old: It is often a place of mystery and bemusement for older generations; it tends to attract predators, bullies and weirdoes who just want to look at teenage […]