We are all stronger than we realise.

I always knew it was coming, and I frequently worried how I would cope when I got that call. My Grandma Chris is 79 years old in December… and as much as I hoped she’d live forever, I knew that every year she was getting just that little bit more frail and that it would […]

Podcasting and picking on disadvantaged groups

Jason and I were sitting on the couch the other night, watching the wheelchair basketball at the Paralympics. One of our old schoolmates is in the Aussie team, has one prosthetic leg (that he had back then), and it led to a discussion about the… umm… cut off point … for what state the legs must […]

Some more quality Mina pwnage, just for you, Rob…

Jason: “How come Mina gets so many parties? She’s had more than I have in my whole life.” Téa: “heh, I dunno… last year didn’t really count as a party… but you can have one this year if you want one.” Jason: “Yeah, I WILL. I am going to invite ALL my friends to my […]

2 conversations that reveal why I love my family.

We were watching some weird Hippo-related animation that was making fun of a donut eating hippo that hides in the water so as not to dry out his skin, then has a facial mask and weirdness. Jason: “No wonder they’re so grumpy” Me: “Yeah, I’d hate it if I had to lay around avoiding the […]

The Saboteur…

Mina has always made up her own funny little songs. For as long as she’s been able to speak, she’s always made up funny little songs with random lyrics, often having us in stitches. Today, she decided she was going to put a concert on for us and sing a couple of songs, and I […]

No fat chicks: Well, you’re clean outta luck there, girlie.

Mina and Jason were talking in the car on her way to school. The usual chatter about various things occur, until Mina asks Jason: “Dad, what is your car’s name? Mum’s car is named Zelda.” Jason, thinking he’d be a smartarse, said “My car is called Legend”. “But Legend is a boy’s name. Your car […]

Like an oven.

An exchange between Jason and I just now: Jason: “Everything you do and make is just better” Me: “Like the kids” Jason: “Well, I made those too, you know!” Me: “Yeah, but I finished ’em off” Jason: “ A heat lamp would’ve done just as good a job.”

Further proof that I am a terrible mother…

Mina is finishing up daycare and starting Pre Primary, and they have provided us with a nice little “Report” on their development etc, but without the assessment or comparison of school. It was so nice to recieve Mina’s report, because really, when its in there in black and white that she is a well adjusted, […]