What’s not funny about the need for speech therapy?

Jules (for the uninitiated, our almost-4-year-old middle child) is going through a slight language burst, where his vocabulary is quite broad, but his pronunciation of complex sounds can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. For example, he has difficulty with “Br” and “Fr” — and pronounces them as “W”. Like all 3.5–4 year old boys (and […]

5 things I wish I’d known about the web design business.

3 years ago this week, I left my government job. I didn’t leave willingly — I was 7 months pregnant with my son and had developed complications that meant I had to resign. I was terrified of the prospect of ruining my career in Policy, and wanted nothing more than to get back to it as soon […]

Interviewing myself, who is apparently an Entrepeneur…

OK well, Shane put the challenge out there, so I decided to do it… only a week late… but who’s counting? I have been so busy with work lately that I literally have 400 unread RSS feeds, a mountain of social phone calls to return, and an eyestrain headache that the Ray Ban Bunnies would […]

That Tooth Fairy may glow, but boy is she dim.

Mina lost her second tooth yesterday, and we prepared it excitedly for a visit from the tooth fairy. Well, guess who forgot to go exchange the tooth with some coin. Yes. Me. The Third Worst Mother on the Internet. I woke up to hear Mina crying, saying “the tooth fairy didn’t come!!!”. Well, didn’t I […]

Cheek bordering on insight.

Jules has been crabby the last few days. He’s been extra clingy and crying and wanting to sleep a lot. This morning was about the third day of this, and I was trying to get Mina ready for school but Jules was being testy. I asked him what was wrong and mumbled to myself about […]

I blinked… and I missed it. Happy Birthday to my little man.

Well, today is the 7th of November, Jules and you know what that means. Well, no, actually, you really have no idea. It is now one whole year since my wonderful little man was born, and brought so much joy to our lives that I honestly cannot find the words to describe it. I always […]