The pondering of the online persona…

I have been thinking a lot about the whole “social media” thing, the whole blog thing, the whole “OMG she swears” thing of late and I still don’t have an answer. I have been using Twitter and Facebook for a long-ish time, and I am conflicted. I run a comedy blog where I talk about […]

If the Devil is 6… Happy Birthday Mina!

After I dropped you off at school today, I sat down with my giant coffee to write this post and I started to tear up every time I tried to think of what to write. You see, part of me wants to pour my heart out and gush about my girl, and part of me […]

Cheek bordering on insight.

Jules has been crabby the last few days. He’s been extra clingy and crying and wanting to sleep a lot. This morning was about the third day of this, and I was trying to get Mina ready for school but Jules was being testy. I asked him what was wrong and mumbled to myself about […]