Does “award winning digital agency”​ mean “the best”​?

A few months back, I suggested on LinkedIn that the only people that get awards are those that spend all their time nominating themselves for awards. Naturally, it was hyperbolic and a generalisation, but I copped some heat, and was even accused of “sour grapes” Honestly, that’s not the case. I simply don’t care about […]

On the “elevator pitch” …and why I won’t do it.

I’ve been asked to give a talk this week, about what our business does, and tell our story, in under 2 minutes. It is stressing me out no end. Yes, me. Queen big mouth. heh. Not because I’m afraid of speaking. Anyone who knows me knows that isn’t true. It’s because I am supposed to […]

Your Customers are Waiting for the Icebreaker a.k.a.

I don’t generally like to comment on or analyse viral videos, because it often leaves people with the impression that “viral” (I mean truly viral) is something you manufacture, rather than something that is, for most part, fairy dust. There are, of course, ways to increase your odds, and it is usually a perfect storm […]

Clients with Commitment Issues: Why the Agency May Not be the Problem.

Are you thinking about leaving your Agency? Why? Reflect for a second, because it might not be their fault. You, the client, might have created this. I am the first to talk about dodgy Agencies who have mastered the art of style over substance. A lot, in fact. In a sales pitch, they’ll love bomb […]

5 reasons your digital strategy is failing (and how to fix it).

*What The Fuck Fuck My Life What Am I Doing This isn’t Working The digital marketing industry is not like it once was. In 2010, it was straightforward: you built a website, you invested in some SEO, you posted to Facebook and it all ticked along. You could play it safe and act like a robot […]