Podcasting and picking on disadvantaged groups

Jason and I were sitting on the couch the other night, watching the wheelchair basketball at the Paralympics. One of our old schoolmates is in the Aussie team, has one prosthetic leg (that he had back then), and it led to a discussion about the… umm… cut off point … for what state the legs must […]

Some more quality Mina pwnage, just for you, Rob…

Jason: “How come Mina gets so many parties? She’s had more than I have in my whole life.” Téa: “heh, I dunno… last year didn’t really count as a party… but you can have one this year if you want one.” Jason: “Yeah, I WILL. I am going to invite ALL my friends to my […]

That time, you sold your soul to the devil? Yeah, that.

As many of you may know, I have not been your traditional, um, mother. It’s not that I deliberately go out of my way to cause trouble with other parents, or to be indifferent to the needs of my children, but, well… you know… I never much went for all that over-mothering and over-consuming nonsense. […]

She’s not her mother’s daughter at all…

There are times when I wonder if my children take after me, and even times when they really appear to be from another gene pool altogether. But this video really does dispell any doubts about whether Mina is at all like me. The answer is a resounding yes. This may shock you to read (actually, […]

Child development through Elephant jokes.

Mina, age 3: Q: Why did the elephant sit on the fence? A: Because he wanted to get a new fence. Mina, age 6: Q: Why did the elephant sit on the fence? A: Because his neighbour was next to the fence and he wanted to kill him. Hehehe

No fat chicks: Well, you’re clean outta luck there, girlie.

Mina and Jason were talking in the car on her way to school. The usual chatter about various things occur, until Mina asks Jason: “Dad, what is your car’s name? Mum’s car is named Zelda.” Jason, thinking he’d be a smartarse, said “My car is called Legend”. “But Legend is a boy’s name. Your car […]

That Tooth Fairy may glow, but boy is she dim.

Mina lost her second tooth yesterday, and we prepared it excitedly for a visit from the tooth fairy. Well, guess who forgot to go exchange the tooth with some coin. Yes. Me. The Third Worst Mother on the Internet. I woke up to hear Mina crying, saying “the tooth fairy didn’t come!!!”. Well, didn’t I […]

Further proof that I am a terrible mother…

Mina is finishing up daycare and starting Pre Primary, and they have provided us with a nice little “Report” on their development etc, but without the assessment or comparison of school. It was so nice to recieve Mina’s report, because really, when its in there in black and white that she is a well adjusted, […]

Cheek bordering on insight.

Jules has been crabby the last few days. He’s been extra clingy and crying and wanting to sleep a lot. This morning was about the third day of this, and I was trying to get Mina ready for school but Jules was being testy. I asked him what was wrong and mumbled to myself about […]

I blinked… and I missed it. Happy Birthday to my little man.

Well, today is the 7th of November, Jules and you know what that means. Well, no, actually, you really have no idea. It is now one whole year since my wonderful little man was born, and brought so much joy to our lives that I honestly cannot find the words to describe it. I always […]

She’s all tolerant and that.

Me: “Bloody Juice” Mina: “What’s wrong, Mum?” Me: “I can’t get the juice open. Sometimes when Mum works too much on the computer, her hands get twisted and its hard to open bottles and stuff.” Mina: “ Oh. Well. That’s OK Mum, I love you anyway.”