What’s not funny about the need for speech therapy?

Jules (for the uninitiated, our almost-4-year-old middle child) is going through a slight language burst, where his vocabulary is quite broad, but his pronunciation of complex sounds can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. For example, he has difficulty with “Br” and “Fr” — and pronounces them as “W”. Like all 3.5–4 year old boys (and […]

How to suck the Joy out of Pixar…

Step 1: Acquire a 3.5 year old son. This might take some time if you don’t have a son already. Step 2: Put Cars on for him in a desperate attempt to allow yourself to get some work done. (Yes, I am the best parent ever and should totally write a parenting manual involving DVDs […]

Can I have a kid that is NOT a wise-ass?

Jules: “Mum, I have superpowers but they’re broken” Me (feigning sympathy): “oh, that’s no good. How can you get them back?” Jules: “I need to fix them” Me: “How?” Jules: “With my tools!” Me: “Where are your tools?” Jules: “In my toolbox!” Me: “Where is your toolbox?” Jules: “IN MY PANTS!” He’s 3.