Baby ‘Digital Strategists’: You Are Not Gods.

I know, strange title. But I want to talk about a problem in our industry, which is juniors starting digital agencies and exploiting the (apparent) ignorance of some clients. People with no experience opening content management agencies, and bamboozling people with buzzwords and non-strategic “content” over actual strategy. I am not talking about freelancing. I […]

Marketing Myth #1: Digital is cheaper than traditional media.

This is a new series that addresses the common “Digital Strategist”/SEO cowboy myths, that will hopefully help you to be aware of red flags when choosing an agency to work with. I hope this is of value, and if there is anything specific you would like me to answer/address, get in touch. Digital Marketing is […]

Entrepreneurs: It is Okay to Complain.

Running a business is lonely. Sometimes it really isn’t the party everyone thinks it is. Even if you are lucky to have a lot of support around you, sometimes you can feel like people don’t *get it*. “Why don’t you just get a job!” “You must be so happy not having a boss!” “I wish […]

On why Ad Blocking is Immoral.

Okay, first up, calm down. I am sure you are a good person. I am sure that you use Ad Blockers for all the right reasons. I know you Redditors and certain self-righteous subsets of the Internet community will get all up in my face about how advertising is evil, it’s about protecting your privacy, […]

Why “Old Media” don’t “get it”.

Today, I wanted to share some standup comedy with my Facebook & Twitter friends. It was a 40 second clip from the first episode of “Louie” — Louis C.K’s brilliant show that I have told everyone, repeatedly, to watch. It is a very funny clip where he talks about the “Best Case Scenario” in relationships after divorce. […]

Remember: Words Have Power. And sympathy is not empathy.

Yes, I know. Another Charlotte Dawson post. Another social media person making commentary in order to get some Google Juice. Another person who has been the victim of online harassment speaking out. Another person sharing their story. I know you’re fatigued with the discussion, because so much has been said already, but hear me out. […]

You Really Want to Know?

I just want to say a few things about the ridiculous RUOK Campaign. Despite the best of intentions, unless you are prepared for the following answer: “No, actually, I am not OK. My life has fed me a shit sandwich since the day I was born and it continues to get worse. The only reason […]

Blog Action Day Post: Water. aka Lawns are Stupid and Here’s Why.

This years Blog Action Day post was initially a little bit of a challenge. I live in urban Australia, where clean drinking water is plentiful and wasted. I am tremendously lucky. So lucky that I, and those around me, take it for granted every single day. I used to work for the government in Essential […]

The Big D.

I am going to a charity ball on Friday night for Lifeline. It’s the inaugural Black Diamond Ball and it is going to be great fun. But I wanted to take a moment and just acknowledge my amazing community of Twitter friends, a lot of whom are going to the ball, but who have also […]

Getting my rant on.

There are people in this world who float through life. They work in jobs without purpose, slaving away for their small patch of land with a box containing an eggplant feature wall. They go to work, and then spend their weekends sitting around, either painting said eggplant wall or cooking up different kinds of meat […]