The Eulogy I couldn’t read.

Well, it’s all over. Grandma was cremated this afternoon. Today was really, really hard and it has now hit me that I will never see her again. Walking into the funeral home for her final service, and seeing the coffin, was just a little too much, and the last 2 months hit me like a […]

“regain your femininity … after the race”

I have been watching the Olympic coverage in dribs and drabs (mostly because Channel 7’s coverage is, well, SHIT), but I have been reading fair amounts of news coverage of the events. Anyway, this incredibly sexist article caught my eye, and I thought to myself “Jesus Christ, what a pig”, and left it at that, […]

Interviewing myself, who is apparently an Entrepeneur…

OK well, Shane put the challenge out there, so I decided to do it… only a week late… but who’s counting? I have been so busy with work lately that I literally have 400 unread RSS feeds, a mountain of social phone calls to return, and an eyestrain headache that the Ray Ban Bunnies would […]