Téasplaining all of the fuckery is the focus for the next couple of weeks.

I’m going hard and deep on educational content in the next few weeks.  From how Online Scams & MLM work, working through the “Playbook”  used by most activist groups, to how they buy fake followers, recruit members like a cult, push bullshit and I will show everyone how the scam and bot sausages are made. 

And, most importantly, how to manage it and protect yourselves and your communities.

This will help you understand from the comms/marketing side how all of the strategies/tactics that were intended for good, have been used for evil. In the lead-up to the US election, it means the fuckery will be worse and you need to be more informed than ever.

And I’m going to try and splain all of it. Bit by bit.

I have been working on my book but I thought I would dedicate my streams to sharing some of that IP as I work through it. You know, working out loud and collaboratively.

I don’t need to sell this stuff, because the money really is in the bespoke consulting underneath it. Every community/group/base is different, so it requires a consultant. Dis me.

But, for the average person, it is critical you know all of these things so you don’t get fucked with. Once you know how this stuff works, it becomes clearer what is happening. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

If you want to read the above Playbook and “The Organizer’s Handbook” beforehand, that might help x

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