[Téasplaining] KFC and Succès de scandale (aka Why the KFC Creative Team are Geniuses)

[Téasplaining] KFC and Succès de scandale (aka Why the KFC Creative Team are Geniuses)

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I know it’s easy to remember a time where outrage and “cancel culture” didn’t destroy lives, but there was a time, up until yesterday, where taking creative risks was actually considered GOOD.

Remember that time?

Well, here is a replay from yesterday’s stream about Marketing 101, the True Fans principle (which I talk about at length), and the concept of “Succès de scandale” – otherwise known as “there is no such thing as bad publicity”.

This is still true.

Bad publicity (for the most part) is still better than no publicity.

The thing about “cancel culture” is that it promotes the de-platforming and “no publicity” as punishment.

This is a tried and true principle in Advertising and you really should apply it in your everyday life. Seriously. Only focus on your fans and inner circle. Filter out the rest. Look at the numbers.

I am planning on doing some courses on this stuff soon, because I think there’s a gap in knowledge. I have to set up the booking system but I am thinking of doing a few paid group Zoom calls on the stuff I would give a client. Kind of a “How To” manage your community of fans, how to think about it, and most of all, how to feel comfortable and less stifled in the “current climate and make it work for you.

Being cancelled *can* be good, so long as you are smart about it.

This is the ad that KFC “apologised” for. It’s actually a great piece of creative. Edgy, funny, and plays every side. If you like creative advertising, do watch what the KFC team do on the regular. They’re brilliant.

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