[Téasplaining] Why Woke is not “the left”

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Today I’ll talk a little about why you can’t think of “Wokism” as “the left”.

First of all, the Democrats are not left. They’re still right wing corporatists. And to understand why it isn’t “left wing”, you need to understand a little about what happened in France in the 1980s.

1. The Democrats are still right wing.
2. Postmodernism was used to further US Hegemonic interests and estroy Marxist analysis in France, in the shadow of Stalin.
3. You’re being fucked with. Royally.
4. Without understanding US Foreign Policy and History and a whole bunch of complicated crazy board shit, it’s easy to think all of this is organic. It’s not. It’s all fuckery.

[Téasplaining] Why Woke is not “the left”

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