[Téasplaining] Why you shouldn’t get your news from Madonna

[Téasplaining] Why you shouldn’t get your news from Madonna

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Surely this goes without saying. Don’t get your news, information, or anything other than a catchy tune from Madonna.

Today’s stream, yet again, goes on various tangents, but mostly focuses on disinformation as I am planning to talk more about this over the next few months. You need the LOLs AND the lessons. Piecemeal. Téa style.

I also introduce you to how the ‘disinformation playbook’ works. Big Tobacco’s old approach to science on steroids, and upgraded for 2020. I think it’s important that people know how this stuff works.

Here is the article about the Disinformation Playbook 

Here is the article about Madonna

Thinking of making these posts about the livestreams Patron-only, but they’re public for now until I get a critical mass, so enjoy them while you can.

Eventually I might even write actual essays to accompany the streams, but for now, gotta work. 

Love you,


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