That Tooth Fairy may glow, but boy is she dim.

That Tooth Fairy may glow, but boy is she dim.
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Mina lost her second tooth yesterday, and we prepared it excitedly for a visit from the tooth fairy. Well, guess who forgot to go exchange the tooth with some coin. Yes. Me. The Third Worst Mother on the Internet.

I woke up to hear Mina crying, saying “the tooth fairy didn’t come!!!”. Well, didn’t I feel like the world’s biggest arsehole. I needed some serious damage control to get out of this one.

A few weeks ago we swtiched Mina and Jules’ rooms. We made the mistake of giving the baby the big room when the 5 year old needed more room, so we switched them around.

I didn’t miss a beat.

“Mina [I think for a few seconds], I think I know why the tooth fairy got confused.”

She looked at me with her big brown eyes, hoping that the excuse I can come up with is enough to mitigate her personal anguish at being jilted by the Tooth Fairy.

“Well, you know how you changed rooms?”


“Well, what I think happened is that the Tooth Fairy DID come last night, but because you had changed rooms, she got lost!”

“Yeah! Mum, did you forget to email the Tooth Fairy and tell her that I moved rooms?”

“Oh Shit, yeah I did. Sorry! That silly Tooth Fairy is SO silly she went to the wrong room, saw Jules and thought “he’s too young!” How silly is that?”

“She’s just silly and forgetful like you, Mum.”

And there you have it.

Crisis averted, and I also realise that Mina has realised how human her mother is. And I MUST remember to remind that tooth fairy via email tonight.