The fairer sex is the…ermm….stupider sex. And that.

The fairer sex is the…ermm….stupider sex. And that.
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God, this article made me laugh. Apart from the fact that this is highlights the weakness of IQ as a measure (IQ tests are well known to be skewed in favour of white men because of its focus on male thinking patterns), it also shows us exactly what most women know — more men are likely to get Nobel Prizes and senior positions because the system is set up to support them. Gasp. Really?!

I have to say that the “Your Say” section made me chuckle. Particularly the comment from Dan: Me thinks wees guys are heaps smarta in that, than the chicks in stuff. For shore we is heaps more brainier in stuff. Yer.

I am having trouble working out if Dan was taking the piss or not. I would like to think he is. I am also guessing that, if he’s not, he’s not one of the Nobel Prize winners!

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