The Saboteur…

The Saboteur…
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Mina has always made up her own funny little songs. For as long as she’s been able to speak, she’s always made up funny little songs with random lyrics, often having us in stitches.

Today, she decided she was going to put a concert on for us and sing a couple of songs, and I even filmed a little of it before my camera battery ran out (Stupid Everio loses charge)…


Anyway, not long after this, Mina broke into a random made-up song about Santa. Apparently he discovered a cliff, fell off the cliff and died, and went and met a woman… or some weird shit… anyway, Jason starts helping her with funny song lines (the tendency for Brennan conversations to digress like this are not uncommon)… and WITH NO VIDEO CAMERA ON, Mina cracks it and says “Stop it Dad! You’re just trying to STUFF THIS ALL UP FOR ME!”

And, just because it’s funny, here is some video of Jules getting in the way of Mina’s concert:


If anyone ever asks you what’s so great about being a parent? Its those completely random and daggy moments, where they lob into each other’s “concerts”, or thump each other, where you get this inexplicable warmth in your belly that you made these little people.