The thin end of the pronoun wedge.

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Every so often, I have to be reminded what I am up against. It does scare me, but I try to lean into that fear and know that most people don’t believe in extremist gender nonsense… they’re just not aware of what they’re going along with.

This is why we MUST not let Big Tech censor extremists, because we need to be able to see it, talk about it, and more importantly, protect ourselves or sound alarms as needed… and get reliable data to assess the threat.

Why would I bother going on about something if it wasn’t important?

Read You’ll understand why I don’t have the link even active when you read it. I suggest you look at the PDF instead.

It is certainly an extreme view, and in any other circumstance I would assume it was just ramblings of a lunatic on the internet, but this is far more mainstream than you’d think. These tactics are being used in every organisation right now, against people I know and love – myself included.

It shocked me to see how many people supported or defended it at the time. This was one of the things that made me realise what was happening. Unfortunately, we can no longer see how many people agree, but believe me when I say that it is much. MUCH higher than you’d expect.

This is defended and supported and enabled by a lot of people in scary positions of power – particularly in tech.

Rationalising violence.

Oh yeah but I am SO mean and not inclusive what’s wrong with Pronoun Day?

Why can’t you just be nice, Téa?

This is why.

Do not forget this when you did nothing and said nothing, and lectured me and others about being’ obsessed’.

I for one am kind of obsessed with being on a literal kill list.

This is from 2017 (? I think?). It was reposted in May this year. It keeps resurfacing and is shared widely with cheers among TRAs every time. It is critical to know that this is not just one person’s view. It was shared widely and supported before getting taken down.

Personally I think it should be left up, so that people can see how a lot of these psychopaths think. Free speech. Yes. Even for this.

So, as you read this, remember:

  • The people named in this are simply ordinary women who do not believe gender is a thing. This is backed by science, and radical feminists doing radical feminism as always. The school of thought that has been nothing but consistently about women’s rights, and are constantly under attack, and gave you all that shit you’re sitting on right now.
  • The people named – who are friends of mine – are basically ordinary people with very reasonable concerns about the law, the implications, and the safety of children. Lesbians who say no to men. Girls who don’t want boys in their change rooms. Doctors who won’t put kids on puberty blockers without differential diagnosis.
  • If you simply believe that you cannot literally change biological sex, or question a vulnerable teenage girl’s trans status… you are in the cross-hairs of this. Or, even if you follow us or associate with us.
  • By “all women”, they mean men who identify as women, where the requirements are increasingly a form, a letter from a doctor and a small fee. Not dysphoria. Not surgery. A form.

This is what I am fighting for. So they don’t actually win. And there is a very good chance that whilst they might not get all of this, they are getting a decent sized chunk of it and this is the manifesto of a large portion of the people who are telling you to “just be nice”.

This is what we are up against. With no support (there is no right wing funding. It is all lies, based on one event in the US). No money. Every incentive to shut up including threats like this.

So, please reflect on what you’re supporting. And, on Pronouns Day, tell others what they are supporting. Blame me. I am used to it.

Like personality tests support the most vile actions of Scientology… your compliance with Pronouns supports this.

Remember: when you read this, they’re talking about me. My friends. You. Your mothers. Your daughters. And all of our business and organisations that we have built as a result of brave women who said no for over 100 years.

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  1. We use pronouns when referring to someone in the third person. To refer to someone in the third person, we need a model of them in our heads. The insistence on using particular pronouns is therefore a form of thought control.

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