July 27, 2006

Thursday 27th July

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Posted 16 years ago
by Téa Smith

Despite Tealou being in a fair amount of pain and not having a complete grasp of time, Tealou is finally fully awake and able to communicate. Her lungs are looking good so there is no real chance of her having to go back onto the breathing machine.

Tealou is very overwhelmed by what has happened over the last two weeks as you would expect. She is processing it in her own way. While she has only been awake for a day and a half and alert for a third of that she doesn’t hold back when speaking her mind.

Tealou is still fighting Sepsis and is being filled with antibiotics to try and reverse that. She also still has drains clearing the area around the ‘leak’.

After sweating about what her reaction would be, I told Tealou about this blog to update her friends on her condition. Fortunately for me she thought it was a sweet and loving thing to do. She thanks all her friends for the thoughts and prayers, even she didn’t think this blog would be so popular with 352 different people checking in on Tealou. I also told her about her mention in the comments section of ‘The Spin Starts Here’ to which she replied, “Good, now I should get a mention in ‘The Age’”.

Thankyou for your continued support. The fight isn’t any easier yet but the road does look straighter.

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