To those who think I’m ‘obsessed’.

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First up, I talk about this because it is my discipline. People seem to forget that I am researching this shit. But here’s a little Facebook rant.

If more people spoke the truth, I wouldn’t have to.

If more people paid attention, I wouldn’t have to keep bringing stuff to your attention.

If more people weren’t sitting around in a blissful state of selfishness and denial, I wouldn’t have to be doing this and suffering great personal and professional cost.

If you all weren’t constantly telling everyone to be positive and inclusive – and – inexplicably that women don’t have the right to say no and must question our own boundaries, I wouldn’t have to always be the bad guy and point out how absolutely wrong that is.

If you had any idea of the history of totalitarianism and how corruption works and how propaganda and law works, I wouldn’t have to constantly be giving Year 5 Civics, Critical Thinking or Media Studies Lessons.

You think I want this?

You think I chose this?

You think I like the fact that I stumbled on all of this and now have absolutely no choice but to fight this with everything in my toolkit?

You think I don’t want just ONE year where I am not the one who has to be the ‘difficult’ person because other people are sellouts?

Well, at least I am a rational, informed and brave person who will stand up against bullies when others won’t.

At least when I am confronted with overwhelming evidence that something extremely sinister is happening, I don’t gaslight those who are doing the hard work.

At least I don’t send death and rape threats to other women, or make excuses for those that do.

And at least I am not a spineless and opportunistic coward, and, when all this runs its course (and it will, because totalitarianism gets ugly, but inevitably ends), I will sleep well knowing that I fought for what was right whilst others acted like I was a bad person, a stupid person, a bigot and a problem, and kept their heads down whilst throwing me and people like me under the bus so they didn’t have to have an awkward fucking brunch or an argument with their obnoxious and overindulged kids.

“Why do you go on about this Woke stuff, Téa?”

Because everyone else is either too naive or too afraid or too selfish.

Also, because everyone seems to forget that I am a fucking POLITICAL SCIENTIST and expert and I am an actual AUTHORITY on it, not some 2 bit bigot who talks shit for the hell of it.

And, finally, because when I have to choose between my own comfort or what’s right, I choose what’s right.

That is all.

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