Tuesday 25th July

Tuesday 25th July
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Today marks five days since Tealou was put into her unconscious state. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it but she is physically looking better. This must from being in her friends thoughts. Her temperature is still in the high 37’s but considering what it has been, high 37’s might as well be normal.

Tealou is still fighting Sepsis and is being filled with antibiotics to try and reverse that.

Tealou will have an X-Ray later today to see it she is well enough to wean off of the respirator. If she is, she will be weaned over the course of a day or two. She is breathing a lot on her own now.

Scans yesterday showed that the ‘leak’ seems to have slowed to almost a stop and at this time no other surgery will be required.

Dr’s seem to think her hospital stay could vary between 2 and 6 weeks after she leaves the ICU.

I want to thank everybody that has visited the site and shown their support for Tealou. I have enjoyed reading your comments and emails and have found them to be very comforting. Today has been the first day with some positive news and I believe a lot of that can be contributed to the positive energy being generated by her friends. Be sure that I will keep you posted everyday.

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