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Uh-huh, this is my shit…

by Téa Smith
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Uh-huh, this is my shit…

by Téa Smith

Someone had “Hollaback Girl” in her head when she did the design…

Man, Gwen, what the hell happened to you? You used to be cool.

Anyway, I know you’ll like my new design. Its a great improvement on the previous one which ended up being more than just temporary. Liitle blog motivation will do that to a person.

I tried getting the Recent Posts hack to work, but it kept fucking up my style sheets, ie I am a PHP retard and its the hack’s fault. Not mine. Note to self: must learn PHP.

I am getting a Clavinova tomorrow, so my PHP learning will be put off for a bit until I reteach myself the piano. I have decided to be able to play 1 song properly by the end of next week. Lucky for me, Jason, and the neighbours’ dog, Clavinovas have a headphone socket.

Part of my inspiration is to write a bullshit one hit wonder song and see how far I get. W0rd. My shit is bananas. I said B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Can’t be THAT hard, surely…

ooh, you
saucy minx!

I see you. Sitting there. Seductively scrolling and clicking like the flirt that you are, reading and watching my stuff.

OK I can’t really see you, this is just a text box and I ain’t the CIA. I’m not watching you, I swear. Unless you want me to and the price is right. Ahem.

Anyway, sign up if you want and I might write to you from time to time. I’m cool. We’re cool. 

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