So, Caitlyn Jenner is #cancelled. Again. #lol. Seeing as I already said I was ‘above’ the culture wars, I thought I would zoom out and show you how a joke tweet I did yesterday got taken seriously.

There will always be people who misunderstand things on the internet, but the smart people who watch this channel know that we are being #nudged in that direction more and more. So I’ll talk about that a bit.

My mission is to get you thinking critically about the culture wars, and understand how you are being messed with in your lizard brains for the benefit of the powerful. Which, I think is unethical and needs informed consent. This is the informed part. The consent part is where the fight is.


If you expect me to do something YOU want, then you can most certainly donate at higher tiers, or invest in my work, so I have time to do that. This stuff isn’t free, you know:​​​

Otherwise, this is supposed to be fun for me and #comedy​​​ practice and I will talk about what *I* want. Nobody owes anyone anything, including content creators. Thanks.

If you want someone who takes themselves seriously, then fuck off to the Americans-With-Sticks-Up-Their-Arses Channel, or feel free to report me to my HR Department: or +61407877431

PPS: We don’t live in America and the Internet is not your personal HR Department. You don’t own us, colonising pricks. STFU and stop chewing so loud. You might learn something.

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