I’ve taken too long a break and setting up new office… here’s some timestamps.

2:30 – Talking about the Democratic Primary, Bernie Sanders apparently saying a woman can’t win (I agree, whether he said it or not), ranting about Wokes and their toddler tantrums (as usual).

6:30 – The toxic nature of the American Electoral system

8:30 – Women can’t win against Trump. Woke woman most certainly cannot win against Trump.

18:00 – American Culture dominating us rant, where I suggest there might be other countries, and your “banned words” culture and homogenising our culture is ridiculous (hehe), and a shout out to Kevin Bloody Wilson.

20:00 – “You can’t say that”. Yeah, I can. It’s not up to you to decide my life, my words, and my consequences.

22:40 – renaming the podcast to “Calm Your Tits” or something else.

26:15 – The problem with “left wing” vs “right wing” and how it’s stupid, tribal and this is actually worth listening to. The right constantly mischaracterise the left, treating them like a behemoth. Marx & Engels were libertarians.

32:00 – A Long Goodbye hahaha