This stream is scheduled earlier because I have a meeting and need to move it forward. Sorry!

I want to step back from the Culture Wars, and focus on digging deeper. Being kinder. Listening more. Being more “me”.

Talking about the “Issues” or the News/Outrage of the day was good whilst I was trying to upskill and not have to think too much about content… but I want to be more “Bill Burr” than “Tim Pool”.

We’re all crazy. We’re all tired. We’re all hurting. And I want to be a soothing/funny/weird/comforting voice.

Planned Segments:

Why I Quit Politics
Facebook & Google News Case
Fans & Parasocial Relationships & the problem of “support communities”

This stream is a twice-weekly mega-record with segments that are later edited.

It’s like a studio audience, except shitter. There’s less polish, lots of tangents, a whole lot more swearing and (of course) my patented simple 89 point lighting system.

Join me. Or watch the clips. Either way, I don’t mind.


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Love you.

I stream on TUESDAYS:

8am AWST (Perth)
11am AEDT (Sydney)
1am GMT (London)
5pm PST (Vancouver & LA)
8pm EST (New York)

And other random times if there’s something in particular I want to talk about.