So, overnight, in response to yesterday’s video, I received some comments from MRAs (having not seen the video, obviously), that actually allow me to expand on my point about men dominating spaces, asking “what about men?” when we are talking about women’s issue, and all these men-related stats in an attempt to derail us and control us.

I’m pretty moderate, but guys, please don’t do this stuff.

As I said yesterday, feminism is not about YOU, and yet, somehow, you manage to continually make it about you, your issues, your voice. Maybe, we just want to have some things to ourselves.

In this episode, I read through comments to show you how it always goes.

It should be noted, that not long after the stream ended, of course, I got a jab about my appearance. See? It’s almost like it’s predictable.

Don’t be like these guys, and you’ll be fine. If you see parts of yourself in what I am saying, I ask that you try not to be defensive, and take it onboard.

I love men. I believe in you and believe you can do this!

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