So, Twitter Political Advertising Policy is out, and whilst I sympathise with the position they are in, I want to talk about how they changed the deal, and have turned their back on the very things that made them successful.

The Internet, and particularly Twitter, were built on the exact behaviour that they are now trying to stop. There are two factions here that are at odds, and Twitter has completely abandoned one of them.

For those of us who have been on the Internet for a long time, and are used to the “price of admission” of online conversations – banter, jokes, saying awful things, a good old fashioned flame war, and a hashtag pile-on, it would seem as though Twitter have now gone completely corporate – turning their back on the people that made the platform a success.

For the young Woke journos, this might seem fair, because they grew up with a block button, and an expectation that Mum & Dad would keep them “safe”.

In today’s episode, I talk a bit about that tension, and whilst I hope that Twitter can find the balance, it’s really not looking likely.

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