It is very important to reflect, learn and improve. I’m very much in “creation” mode at the moment – feeling the world, seeing the world, trying to make sense of it. Looking at my “brand”. What it means when people say my name, and the association with it.

This is off the back of some ideas I have been having lately, as I write the book, but also as I interact with people on streams etc.

I am of the view that there are people in this world who like to create and build… and those who like to destroy and conquer.

I think people might be confused about me. I am a builder. A creator. And I want to make people feel good.

So I am going to talk a bit about this stuff. How what you consume, who you surround yourself with matters, and just… some meandering thoughts about the creative process, political dickheads and why I am tired of being dragged into the American Culture Wars.