Aren’t you a bit fed up with… well… all of this stuff?

I know I am.

Obviously this is a comedy video first and foremost, but people seem to have forgotten about this thing called… jokes.

This all stems from tribalism, ideology, dogmatic thinking… and… well… everyone isn’t okay.

I for one am tired of this shit. I’m a person, not your political pawn.

I’m changing the way I structure things… and I am done pandering to extremism. I will no longer be engaging with trolls, ideologues or doing anything but make fun of the culture wars.

You all need it.

More of my stuff is about to be paywalled, FYI. I’d rather have a handful of rational people than an army of nutters who poison your reputation any day.

This channel is primarily about fun and building camera skills and riffing ideas, my overall mission is to get you thinking critically and laughing about the Internet, and particularly the ‘culture wars’.

This channel is partially for educational/comedy purposes, but also a small, self-funded, unsponsored, unedited show. If you expect me to do something YOU want (eg clips), then you are mostly certainly welcome to a) make clips yourself, or b) donate at higher tiers, or invest in my work, so I have time to do that.

This stuff isn’t free to produce, you know:​​​​

Otherwise, if you aren’t paying me, this is supposed to be fun for me and #comedy​​​​ practice and I will talk about what *I* want. I swear BECAUSE it annoys people (and I have a stutter), so spare the lecture. Nobody owes anyone anything that isn’t paid for, including content creators. Thanks.

If you want someone who takes themselves seriously, then fuck off to an Americans-With-Sticks-Up-Their-Arses Channel, or feel free to report me to my HR Department: or +61407877431 (Telegram or Signal)

PPS: We don’t live in America and the World’s #Internet is not your personal HR Department. You don’t own us, colonising pricks. STFU and stop chewing so loud. You might actually learn something.

Love you. Visit my website