Welcome to the Witch Trials

Dictionary.com – yes. Dictionary DOT COM. Advocating for violence against women, under the guise of “TERF”.
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Welcome to the witch trials.

A TERF, for those at the back is:

1. A lesbian who says no to a “woman with a penis”.

2. A person who believes you can’t change your underlying biological sex with hormones.

3. Anyone who opposes “Self-ID” (ie no need for transition or even gender dysphoria, just fill out a form and you’re a woman)

 4. Anyone who thinks that female spaces, such as rape shelters, Girl  Guides, prisons, and change-rooms should not have fully intact penises  in their spaces.

5. The wife of a middle aged man who doesn’t want to continue the marriage after he decides he wants to be a lady.

6. Any actual transsexual person who agrees with any of the above.

7. Any post-op transsexual person (that they call “truscum”)

 8. Anyone who suggests that maybe there might be a social contagion  happening with teenage girls and that differential diagnosis and caution  are needed before chopping off healthy breasts and putting them in  binders or on puberty blockers (whose side effects are off-label and  unknown).

9. Anyone who points out the obvious creepy cult-like  behaviour changes/profile, creepy grooming, and painfully obvious  Cluster-B & paraphilia co-morbidities in the “transgender” (not  transsexual – they’re different things) movement.

If you believe  any of these things, you’re a TERF, and you are fair game for the most  vile abuse, threats and violence I have ever seen in my online life. You  are de-platformed, harassed, fired, and even literally punched and  threatened.

Are you a TERF? Or are you a misogynist?

You can only pick one.

Here’s a link to complain about the use of the word TERF.

Here’s an article that explains why this word is offensive. 

Here’s another. 

Oh and here are the types of threats I and other “TERFs” receive on a daily basis. Nice innit.

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