October 13, 2020

When you’re being ‘gaslit by fuckfaces’.

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Posted 2 years ago
by Téa Smith

This is an uncomfortable truth. It’s okay if you hate me. To be honest, I am kind of used to that by now.

But you need to prepare yourselves emotionally for Trump winning in a landslide. And winning legitimately.

I study this stuff.

The Democrats have not learned a single thing since 2016. They are now the party of corruption and corporate interests, and all of us are still desperately clinging to an idea/carefully crafted narrative, rather than the facts as they stand.

You’re basically hanging on to an abusive relationship because they used to be nice to you. No. They’re an abuser. They are manipulating you, and using your shared history as a weapon.

When some Woke fuck tells you that you’re politically homeless, or gone to the right, listen to me. Watch Jimmy Dore, or follow all the other traditional lefties who are saying the same thing. You’re not politically homeless. There are squatters in our fucking house and thy name is the Woke Far Right.

Yes. I said far right. I’m calling it. They’re not fully there yet, but if you understand history, it’s pretty clear that it is heading in that direction. The “left” has been captured by totalitarians, which is why you don’t recognise it. All the signs are there.

Every time we jump into Godwin’s Law and start reflecting on Nazi Germany, most of us will still struggle to understand why and how it happened.

“Why didn’t anyone do anything?”

“Why didn’t anyone speak up?”

Even when I wrote that post six months ago, I was lamenting and desperately appealing to the elder left to nip this stuff in the bud. Well, they were never going to do anything about it. Because they want the socialists out of the way.

So when you ask how totalitarian regimes rise whilst people do and say nothing, this is exactly why and how it happened. They gaslit a nation with a Big Lie (eg that the Democrats are ‘the left’, that identity is more important than class, that this Woke crap is Marxism (the funniest one)), silenced dissent and then it crept up in such an insidious manner that by the time people noticed, it was already too late.

Trump is allowing the far right to rise, but not because he is the far right. He is allowing the far right to rise because he is not a viable opposition to it. We find ourselves with a major threat and a person who is least equipped to fight it. But, at least he is opposed to it.

That’s probably why you’re a bit confused, and think the world has gone crazy. The world has not gone crazy. This is actually quite easy to explain once you push through your dissonance and grief and get back to theory and facts (as I have). You are not crazy. You are a victim of gaslighting.

You’re right to be confused, or angry, or offended reading this. That’s part of the process. But please trust me. Even if you don’t like me, or agree with my conclusions, you cannot ever say that I do not have a sharp mind, don’t know this stuff, and am not someone who would say this without weighing up the evidence. And all signs point to a repeat of 2016, with the Democrats having gone completely off the deep-end and now resembling The Party. I am not kidding.

Lefties, we need to start fighting for ‘the left’ and reclaim it from the right wing Woke hijackers. Please don’t Walk Away. Please don’t leave me to fight this on my own, because Australian politics is down wind from US politics and I am warning you that this cannot infect the ALP.

Big tech, big pharma, corruption, war, fracking, oil, mass incarceration, hedge funds, children in cages, tech totalitarianism, censorship, surveillance, men in women’s prisons, transing of children, the “un-personing” of dissenters, corruption and dark money, radicalisation funnels via Facebook… those are all Democrat-endorsed politics, where they spread bullshit hysteria about Trump, Napoleon and Snowball-style and silence anyone who questions it.

They bypassed the Primaries and installed the leaders they wanted. Then they told you to unite behind a guy who continues to show you who he is with his record and everything he says.

Why the fuck are you – as a socialist environmentalist anti-war anti-censorship anti-global corporations – rationalising voting for these people? This is not purity, this is just “where the fuck are your values?”

To add insult to injury, they accuse anyone who challenges the narrative of being ‘radicalised’, when they’re the ones who are doing the radicalisation. I have proven it, over and over again. I have mountains of material on it.

I never, ever thought I would be here, but, like many others who follow this closely, I have come to the conclusion that Trump is the lesser of two evils.

Mark my words.

So, when Trump wins, please, remember these words. He’s a prick. I am not one to bang on about the obvious. But the leap that you need to make is that Trump – TRUMP – is nowhere near as corrupt and unethical and right wing as the Democratic Party in 2020.

When he wins they are going to claim he stole the election. they’ve obviously been priming everyone for that narrative for months, despite there being zero evidence (like Russiagate). It’s pretty obvious if you work in persuasion that they’re priming the blue check loonies for that. You’ll be able to set your watch to it.

But do know that it’s going to be okay. ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ have ‘switched’ (also know that left vs right, or even the political compass, theoretically speaking, is not a good model…) and we need to fight totalitarianism and corruption in all its forms. It’s very crafty. But it’s going to be okay.

You know how you’ve been doing those political compass tests lately to show how you’re a left libertarian to everyone who calls you a Nazi? Well, you’re fighting authoritarians. I would argue that authoritarians (left and right) have more in common and are tighter allies than left v right libertarians. So do not be surprised when you see Wokes ally with the Christian right in the next few years. They’re cut from the same cloth.

Trump is Trump. I don’t believe he is authoritarian. There is very little evidence of that. Douchebag, yes. Selfish? Yes. The worst of two evils? No. I believe the Democrats are DARVOing everyone.

Sincerely, lefty political scientist who doesn’t just talk shit on Facebook for fun and is actually pretty across the facts, despite everyone gaslighting me into thinking I am ‘radicalised’ like the clueless cult fuckfaces that they are.

Please don’t walk away from the left. They are not the left. We need to reclaim it.

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