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Why oh why…

by Téa Smith
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Why oh why…

by Téa Smith

…do kids always pick the least doable day to get sick?

Today I have a mid semester test for Uni that I need to complete by midnight tonight online. I also put my car in for a service, thinking that Mina would be at daycare all day thereby causing a minimum of fuss being car-less.

What happens?

After dropping my car off for its service, I get a call from her daycare saying that Mina is vomiting. So, being carless, I ring the inlaws to see if they can pick her up. They’re not home. So, I have to book a cab to do a round trip to pick her up, and pray to god that Mina doesn’t vomit on the back seat on the way home.

Lucky she didn’t. But today of all days eh?

(Of course, I am concerned that my child is sick…it ain’t all about me… but yeah, a tad inconvenient.)

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