April 11, 2005

You heard it here first. Rowsthorn is the new Hillary Duff.

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Posted 17 years ago
by Téa Smith

Had a quick gander at my stats this morning, and, like many of my fellow lefties, have found some rather strange Googling habits that lead people to my site. The two most predominant ones are “I hate breastfeeders” (wtf?!) and “America sucks” (not so surprising :)). So, I always get a bit of amusement out of looking at the kinds searches that lead people to my site.

Recently, since my post about Peter Rowsthorn’s Pizza Hut commercial, searches about him came up. One that intrigued me, however, was a search that came from a Disney proxy in the US.

Is Mr Rowsthorn soliciting himself as the next big teenage superstar, aka Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff? Is he taking the Pizza Hut guide to healthy eating to the big screen? Only time will tell, it seems! I thought ET was a Dreamworks thing (ooh nice Aussie reference there! If you know that then you’ve seen more than enough Aussie standup!)?

Anyway, just in case Disney are stalking Mr Rowsthorn for a big budget flick, I HEART you Peter and I am your NuMbEr 1 fAN!!!!1!

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