April 27, 2006

YouTube Anonymous

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Posted 16 years ago
by Téa Smith

I am officially addicted to YouTube. It seems to be the next big thing, after Google and Blogger, and, with Flash video making life easier for everyone these days, and most people having broadband, YouTube is, well, already huge and WILL get bigger. I just love being able to search for just about anything and find some video on it. Not to mention the number of people sad enough to mime to Lisa Loeb’s Stay and upload it to the intermanet…

We have wanted to do our own inane little reality show for the web for some time now, and YouTube should take a lot of the labour and bandwidth problems out of the equation. Yes, its an exercise in pure narcissism and self indulgence, but I think our lives are kinda funny. So, with any luck my next couple of web projects will allow us to splurge on a proper digital video camera. Besides, getting a life is such a depressing alternative and its no fun not being cutting edge. The first rule of technology being “it doesn’t matter if I need it, I WANT it”.

Anyway, should be fun to jump into the world of internet TV. in the meantime, check out youtube. Its great.

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