2 conversations that reveal why I love my family.

by Téa Smith
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We were watching some weird Hippo-related animation that was making fun of a donut eating hippo that hides in the water so as not to dry out his skin, then has a facial mask and weirdness.

Jason: “No wonder they’re so grumpy”

Me: “Yeah, I’d hate it if I had to lay around avoiding the sun all day”

Jason: “What do you mean? You do!”

I gets no respect.

Between Jason, Mina and Me:

Jason: “Well, you never know, Mina could just end up a HOUSEWIFE. Would you like that, Mina?”

Mina: “hmmm…. no!”

Me: “No, you want to be a big business lady like me, don’t you?”

Mina: “Well, no, not a fat one!”

I’ll tell you again, I gets no respect.

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