March 10, 2006

Fer God’s sake, girl, wash yer hair!

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Posted 16 years ago
by Téa Smith

You know you’re in trouble when you get zinged by a checkout chick. Its even worse when its a Best & Less checkout chick.

I went into Best & Less to try and get some cheap gym pants, and a pair of bathers for Mina (noone seems to stock any at the moment!). I wandered around the store, saw some cot sheets on sale and some other stuff and grabbed them. Saw some baby singlets, grabbed those too.

Got to the checkout with about 8 or 9 items, worth about…I dunno $80. The girl looked at me and said with an assuming tone:


What the fuck?

I understand the need for Layby… and have nothing against those that do, but it was just the way she said it that made me feel like Julia Roberts when she went into that Rodeo Drive shop…I think it was Rodeo Drive…where she wanted to buy clothes and they were all snooty and shit.

But this wasn’t Rodeo Drive. It was fucking Best & Less. And just because I grabbed a few bits and pieces does not mean I am a derelict! I just couldnt be arsed going to the Galleria (which I fucking HATE) and Best & Less is in the smaller shopping centre. And I wasn’t looking THAT feral — I had no makeup on and just a ponytail, but Jesus…

I’m sorry, but if you are 30 and still working at Best & Less, you are not in a position to be looking down your nose at anyone. heh.

EDIT: I think the conversations have run their course and I have now disabled comments. I hope everyone has learned from this and we can just move on. Now, I want to get back to my blog having only 100 hits a day, thanks. 🙂

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You're too kind :-)

FYI, I run everything financial through the checkout on, which is my company. Don’t worry, it’s still me, it’s just easier for accounting for it to be all under that.

Hey there, good looking. Sorry to interrupt.

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