August 29, 2007

I am a very Hungry Mouse…

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Posted 15 years ago
by Téa Smith

I was readjusting my MySpace Top 8 today (it was horribly outdated and yes, I am THAT fickle!), and I stumbled on a link to It seems like Nellie has wrangled her dot com away from Columbia and is releasing a new album — IN THREE WEEKS!!!

I have been borderline-obsessed with Nellie since I first saw her on Conan in 2005. She is an artist that doesn’t compromise (often to her detriment ), is an activist, and first and foremost, is a guaranteed musical orgasm for Jazz enthusiasts, music fans and troublemakers alike.

In other words, she’s hella cool.

I was surprised to see another album coming out just 11 months after the release of Pretty Little Head, but, granted, that album was delayed, and delayed, and delayed… and when Nellie broke up with Columbia, delayed even further. She eventually got the album out under her own label (Hungry Mouse), and I figure that this is actually a timely release given the delays.

Anyway, if you haven’t had me jumping up and down demanding you listen to this girl yet, well, you’re in the minority. C’mon, grab “Get Away From Me” from iTunes, listen through the album 3 times, and you will be hooked.

In the meantime, I am about to put in my preorder….

EDIT: Stephanie (in the comments) posted a Youtube video tht I had forgotten about, and is one of my favourite all time “The View” moments. Watch Star Jones’ face as she realised the song “I Wanna Get Married” ain’t quite what she expected. Also note Joy Behar’s face throughout the whole thing. She is cacking herself.

(You mean, they don’t listen to artists they book? A producer is laughing their arse off somewhere I think)

Anyway, go Nellie!


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