Proof that Humans are…well…fucked.

by Téa Smith
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I have been very saddened by the events in New Orleans — because I haven’t really been following the news lately, I only realised the scale of what happened the other day. But I got a breaking news article this morning that made my heart sink. Read the sentence below from

The evacuation of patients from Charity Hospital was halted after the facility came under sniper fire, while groups of armed men wandered the streets, buildings smoldered and people picked through stores for what they could find.

All I can do is shake my head and mourn the loss of basic human compassion and decency. I don’t know if the American culture is partly to blame for this sheer individualism and greed, or whether its just a bad bunch of people… but despite thinking I could never be surprised at how low humans can go, I am definitely surprised at this.

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