July 8, 2005

The song you wish you had written…

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Posted 17 years ago
by Téa Smith

Whilst I am sitting in my government-issue cube reading about electricity, there are often other things on my mind. No, really, there are.

One of those things that often provides a welcome distraction for me is my music collection that I have snuck onto my hard drive to make the days seem that little bit shorter.

Anyway, despite my best intentions, and having moderate amounts of musical ability, all my songwriting attempts have not been very successful. I have tried a lot over the years… but alas, nothing. So, instead of actually writing what I think, I have decided to live vicariously through a number of select artists.

Which leads me here. Which songs do you find so well done, and so well written, and so attached to, that you wish you’d written? It doesnt need to be a successful song, I mean who wouldn’t have wanted to have written Happy Birthday or Hound Dog? Kaching…

For those that are musically inclined, which songs do you wish you had written? For those that aren’t, which songs could you imagine yourself wishing you had written?

Here’s my list:

Too Late — Ben Folds

Sari — Nellie McKay

Blast Off — Danielle Spencer

I Wish — Lisa Loeb

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