WA Election Golden Moment Nominee 1: Paid Coverage.

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For the next week I’ll probably be jumping on the WA election bandwagon, so sorry to all you Eastern states readers who have no idea (or interest in) what I am going on about.

Given that there are people who do it much better than me, my coverage will be limited to the Golden moments of the election. Usually reserved for the final week and election night, these are the moments in politics that make my usually-boring life worth living. You might remember the inaugural golden election moment back in 2001, when Liberal Minister Graham Kierath, so confident of winning his seat, agreed to appear on the ABC Panel. He then lost his seat and disappeared mid telecast to cry boohoo and debrief over a cuppa soup.

So, I am making it my mission to find a new golden moment in Election 05.

You might have been following the little bitchfight that is occuring between the West Australian (our only daily paper that is so blatantly conservative it makes me want to vomit) and the Sunday Times (a News Ltd tabloid that is really only good for classifieds…and even then the Quokka is better for that.) They are each claiming the other is biased, and war has broken out to the point where it may actually become its own Golden moment in a day or two.

And then the Greens chuck this advertisement in the West Australian.

In the middle of the war between the two papers, a grenade is lobbed. You could not buy the sort of publicity that I hope this gets — giving the Sunday Times more ammunition against the West, and the Greens the pole position in my nomination for “Golden Moments of the WA Election 2005”.

Good on you. You know who you are 🙂

(Declaring bias here: I am a Green…)

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