Well, I did it…

Well, I did it…
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I quit the job today. It was quite a nerveracking experience for me, because I am not very good at quitting jobs, especially when I have only been there for a week!

My supervisor is really nice. She made me feel really welcome and is a really positive person to work for. The rest of the team are also really good, so, with liking my workmates and enjoying the job I did what any sane person would do: I quit.

I walked in this morning, feeling like crap (I have had an ear infection for the last 3 days and I feel like I am being stabbed in the head with a pumpkin), and having braved yet another hour-long drive from home to work, I make morning niceties such as “hello, how are you” etc… and then I tell my supervisor how I didn’t do the whiteboard on onday because I needed some stuff explained to me. Then, she said something and went to answer her phone.

About half an hour later, and after some agonising on my part, she came and sat on my desk and said “I’ve got a really good job for you”. I cut her off and said “at the whiteboard, we got interrupted.”

I flinched. I then said that I was planning to quit working and focus on Mina and full time study. They didn’t take it very well at all. They put massive guilt trips on me for taking the job (which I think is fair enough), and blah dee blah…

Anyway… I am tired now. Will try to post something of more substance later on.

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